Service Management in Networks - Leischner

Practice sheet 1 - High level requirements for homelab server

Each working group needs a homelab server to solve the practical tasks. The operating system for the server should be Ubuntu server 18.04. On this server, the working group will solve their exercises working together. Therefore, all members of the workgroup (there are only two) should have access to the server.


Task 1 - Requirements for the homelab server

Specify the requirements for the server by using the agile technique of user stories.

Hint: To formulate the requirements for your server, you can use user story cards. A user story card has the following structure:


Name of the requirement
As a (role) I want (something) so that (benefit)

Reading: User Stories: An Agile Introduction


Task 2 - Implementation concept for the homelab server

Think about how your requirements can be implemented. Weigh various alternative solutions.

Summarize the results of your considerations and reflections comprehensibly on about one page.

Hint: Netlab, Bereitstellung virtueller Maschinen


Please, submit your solutions in time to LEA - Lernen und Arbeiten online .


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