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Practice sheet 2 - Implementation of homelab base system

The goal of this task is to implement the base system based on technical requirements. The essential components of the base system are: Server, Operating System, SSH-Access, Virtualization Software and GIT.


Task 1 - Technical requirements for the homelab base system

Create a detailed list with all technical features for your homelab base system. Structure the list into the following sections: Operating System, SSH-Access, intended Virtualization Software and GIT.


Task 2 - Select a GIT-Provider

The code for the following practical task sheets is to be managed in a GIT. A GIT consists of a local and a remote part that is provided by a service provider. There are a number of very different providers that you can choose, for example:

Compare the providers and select a provider that you would like to use for the tasks in this semester. Register with this provider.


Task 3 - Implementation of the homelab base system

Implement and test your base system. In particular, test remote access to the base homelab server and the remote access to your GIT. It is not necessary to install the virtualizastion software. This will be the next step.

Be prepared to give a short demo at the next meeting.


Please, submit your solutions of task 1 in time to LEA - Lernen und Arbeiten online .


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