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Practice sheet 3 - Git

Task 1 - Coding environment

To use Git efficiently you need a well thought-out coding environment. A coding environment consists  - besides the Git - of the following components:

  • editor
  • Tools for Git Management (if desired)
  • Tools for Git Visualization (if desired)

Define - considering alternatives - the tools for your coding environment. Justify your selection. Can your choice be considered as a general recommendation for a development department in a company?

To submit on LEA: Tools you choose and reasons for the selection.


Task 2 - Remote Git

In practice sheet 2 you have set up a base server and you have registered with a Git service provider. For the following practical tasks in this semester it is necessary that your base server is connected to your remote Git.

  • Set up a connection from your base system to your Git. Consider very carefully which credentials you want to work with.
  • To test this connection you need a single Ubuntu command. Please specify this command for testing.

To submit on LEA: Ubuntu command for testing the connection.


Task 3 - Git Testing

Create a git repository servmgmt-demo-git with a file on your local machine and push it to your remote git. (Just as well, you can create a repository yourname/servmgmt-demo-git in the remote git and pull it to your local machine.)

If you have only little experience with Git, play around in your Git to become familiar with Git. After you've played around enough, delete your Git (local as well as remote) and create an empty servmgmt-demo-git again.

Simulate a developement process with the branches master, nicetohave and testing in the new Git, so that the following commit history is created:


To submit on LEA: screenshot of your commit history


Task 4 - Git for all subsequent practical tasks in this semester

All following practical tasks in this semester should be solved using one Git repository.

Create a git repository servmgmt-ws18 with a file on your local machine and push it to your remote Git. (Just as well, you can create a repository yourname/servmgmt-ws18 in the remote Git and pull it to your local machine.)

At the end of the course, you will submit this repository via LEA as your solution and receive credit points for it.


Task 5 - Questions about Git

  1. Describe how to create a new branch from an old commit using the command line.
  2. What is Stashing at GIT? In which situations do you use staching?
  3. Explain how a rebase works with GIT.
  4. Explain the difference between merge and rebase.
  5. What is your best practice recommentation for using rebase?

To submit on LEA: Answers to the questions.


Please, submit your solutions of task 1, 2, 3 and 5 in time to LEA - Lernen und Arbeiten online .


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