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Practice sheet 7 - Dockhost Provisioning (1 Point)

In the following, the server dockhost is provisioned so that we have a working experimental environment for Docker.


Task 1 - Ansible on dockhost

Adapt such that ansible is installed on dockhost. The installation of ansible should only be performed if ansible is not installed on dockhost. In any case, the installed version should be displayed.

Task 2 - Provisioning concept for dockhost

We have three different methods to provision dockhost:

  • Provisioning dockhost by bash scripts.
  • You can use the Vagrant Ansible provisioner to provision the guest dockhost by executing ansible playbooks for the Vagrant host homelab2.
  • You can use the Vagrant Ansible local provisioner to provision the guest dockhost by executing ansible playbooks directly on the guest dockhost.

Of course, there are also other methods, such as Chef or Puppet, which could also be used for provioning. But this is outside the scope of our project.

  1. Compare the three approaches and work out the pros and cons of each approach.
  2. Design a method for your project to provision your server dockhost. Justify your design decisions.


Task 3 - Implementation of provisioning

Implement and test your provisioning concept.

The result is a server on which the following software is installed:

  • docker-ce, version 18.09.0 or higher
  • docker-compose, version 1.23.1 or higher


Task 4 - Docker environment

Provide a Docker environment on your server that allows you to work comfortably with Docker. This environment has the following characteristics:

  • A folder docker in the git vagrant contains the solutions of the further practical course tasks.
  • The folder docker is mapped (via vagrant) to the folder /home/vagrant/docker resp ~/docker on the guest dockhost.


Task 5 - Testing the environment

I have prepared a docker image contains a webserver. You can use it for testing your docker environment:

  1. Start the webserver in via CLI by docker run -p 20750:80 hbrsnetlab/pr07a5-img .
    (Remark: Pressing <ctrl>C will stop the server, becauce the server process is not detached.)
  2. By docker ps you can check that the webserver is running at port 20750.
  3. Via you can locally (it means on homelab2) browse the webserver running on dockhost in a docker container .


Task 6 - Reading

Read the following two article (6 pages) about a vision for the NG Platform-as-a-Service:

  • Van Rossem, Steven ; Sayadi, Bessem; Roullet, Laurent ; Kentis, Angelos Mimidis; Paolino, Michele ; Veitch, Paul ; Berde, Bela; Labrador, Ignacio; Ramos, Aurora; Tavernier, Wouter; Ollora Zaballa, Eder; Soler, José: A Vision for the Next Generation Platform-as-a-Service. in Proceedings of 2018 IEEE 1st 5G World Forum. IEEE, 2018 IEEE 1st 5G World Forum, Santa Clara, United States, 09/07/2018.

Be prepared to give a precise and concise 5-minute summary of these contributions at the next meeting.

What are the main ideas in this article?

Clarify the following terms:

  • NFV vs. SDN
  • PaaS vs NGPaaS
  • Multi Layered PaaS Platform
  • NGPaaS Operator
  • Vertical Service Providers

What are the main requirements for a the envisioned PaaS?


Please, submit your answers of the questions as pdf and the git code as a zip file to LEA - Lernen und Arbeiten online .


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