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Practice sheet 11 - Load Balancer

 Task 1 - Load balancer

Now we want to build a load balancer scenario with an nginx based load balancer and three colored websites website-blue, website-red and website-green. The websites (as well as the underlying database) can be taken form practice sheet 9, task 6.

Make the necessary adjustments to the  compose file. In particular, customize the ports such that the three websites can be accessed by ports 21111, 21112 and 21113. Test your three colored websites!

For the load balancer we use the official nginx. Add an nginx load balancer to  your compose file. Configure the load balancer via nginx.conf for weighted round robin load balancing. The load balancer shall listen at port 21119.

Test your load balancer!  



Task 2 - Load balancer in swarm

In order to deploy our scenario to a Docker Swarm, we need to make sure that the containers have access to all required data. The problem is that the containers are moved between different hosts, but access to the data must not be lost.

Read the following articles on this topic:

Adjust the scenario so that it is deployable to any swarm. (Note that special conditions exist in our laboratory environment. What are main differences to a real swarm?)




Please, submit your answers of the questions as pdf and the git code as a zip file to LEA - Lernen und Arbeiten online .


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