.Project activities for Service Management in Networks - WS 2018/19 (Leischner)


A  maximum of two (to three) students can work on a project. The successful completion of a project is a Prüfungsvoraussetzung or necessary for ULP. 


  Projekt Thema Bearbeiter
1. Prometheus Monitoring Kubernetes by Prometheus. Bepperling, Glaser, Resch
2.   Portainer: Accessing the docker daimon using TLS  
3.   Rancher  
4.   Traefik  
5.   Automated nginx proxy for Docker containers using docker-gen  
6.   Portainer + TLS  
7.   Registry mit Letsencrypt-Zertifikat  
8.   Continuous Integration/Delivery an einem Beispiel Hünseler, Wehner




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